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Handcrafted from scratch- peeling, slicing, measuring, and slow-churned ourselves.

Healthier choice using natural sweetness from 100% real fruits.

Constantly on a journey to improve, create and share.

Real natural taste- no artificial stabilizers, premixes, additives, coloring or preservatives.

Freshly handpicked from local markets upon order- all fruits and ingredients are of finest quality.

Premium quality at an affordable price. 

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Eat more fruits, eat less cream! Pay for a lot of fruits instead of cream and air.

Ours use fruits and soy as a base. Typical ice creams use cream and sugar.

Ours is handcrafted, slow-churned and very dense. Typical ice creams are highly machine churned and have high air content.

Ours take longer to melt since it is packed with fruits. Typical ice creams melt fast because of the high air content. 

Ours use different fruits to achieve creamy textures. Typical ice creams use a large amount of milk or cream to make creamy ice cream.




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